I am slowly getting my bearings with WordPress. It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged so I’m still getting the hang of things. I feared I had lost my first post (a possible sign that things would be difficult for me from the get-go) but I have since learned that it was simply saved as a draft.

Outside this morning, I realized that I love autumn. The cool, crisp air is refreshing and the sun brings all the colors to life in the leaves, trees and the sky. Students populate the area and the town is again bustling; the smell of fast food, cigarettes and coffee floods my senses and makes me feel ambitious. I have the urge to run out, buy books and learn again and miss that about school. The lack of formal discipline has kept me motivated to learn in the past; not having it leaves me restless. In the past I purchased several art books consisting of how-tos, tutorials and projects, but have hardly had a crack at any of them.

To be fair, I have had a lot on my plate this summer; I got married to the most wonderful man in the world and went on a dream honeymoon with him to Greece. The wedding was a lot more planning and stress than I had expected but was well worth it in the end, if not just for the honeymoon. Greece was almost indescribable (which is why we have over 16GB of photos to go through) but I will attempt it; bright palette colors reflected the constant sunshine and lit up the small but packed villas, even at night. There was a constant crowd of people wherever we went, tourists and townspeople alike. It was a true paradise; beaches and pools were at every corner and the liquor was free-flowing, though everyone seemed to know how to drink responsibly so there was no ruckus (to our knowledge). The water was positively glowing electric blue and the sunsets were brilliant magenta and maroon in color; I had always figured that photos of them had been digitally altered to enhance the colors but I was mistaken. The museums and art are another story all together; the detail put into some of the carvings and statues featured in the churches were completely mind-boggling. The art we saw at the one of the museums in Athens was truly inspiring; hours must have been spent on every inch for the amount of color and detail that were in them. I feebly attempted to take some photos to try and bring back that inspiration, but we weren’t allowed to use flash and without a tripod I could not properly capture the paintings. The statues outside were some of the finest I have ever seen, true marble human doubles. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it, it was a gorgeous trip and both of us got in some real relax time, which we desperately needed.

My problem is that I keep making excuses. I keep “needing new supplies” or “needing new equipment” (though this old linux box I type on is having a hard time keeping up with me these days, I’m saving for a lovely new laptop) or “needing this book”. I wish that I could just settle with what I have and get back into the swing of things. When I was younger, I would start drawings (or paintings, which I haven’t done in entirely too long) simply because I was bored. The inspiration always seem to just be there. Now, I get too easily hung up on things like proportions or details that really need to be left until later.

I think I shall start by making a to-do list. My art area is quite nice but is in dire need of a cleaning. After that I’ll probably tidy up my Deviantart Site and perhaps post a few gems on here. I am feeling ambitious again, so I’d better take advantage of it while it lasts (and while I still have the energy as I’m fighting off a dreadful head-cold).


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