Ever since I can remember, I have been artistic, felt expressive. My mother claims that I was singing before I could talk and I do not remember a time where I wasn’t drawing on something in some way.

The past few years have been different, though. I have become caught up in the routine of everyday life; art and music have taken a back seat while I have ploughed through school and worked my way into a position that would allow me to be comfortable, hopefully comfortable enough to continue to support my hobbies. Unfortunately, I feel I have put too much focus into the “work” part, leaving my creativity to wither.

I have started this blog in an attempt to cure this dry spell. This site will be a hub to all of my art, musical experimentations and other doings. With any luck, it will inspire me to keep working at the things that I love and to be able to combine them with my work in IT.

Thus ends my first post. Will I be able to follow through with this? I hope so. I miss art.

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