Sickness, chills, coding…

The last few weeks have been a sort of blur; I’ve been sick with a cold that eventually found it’s way into my sinuses. I’ve been trying to sleep and recover the best that I can, and I think I may finally be making some headway.

Being sick put a bit of a damper on the projects I’ve been working on, but I’ve still managed to get a few things accomplished. Recently I started looking into making synthetic dreadlocks. I’ve been trying to figure out something new to do with my hair, but I’m limited in colors/styles since I work in a government institution and need to keep the allusion of looking “professional”. 😉 The tutorial on how to make synthetic dreads popped up on my RSS feed and that was that. I ordered some materials online and waited patiently for them to arrive.

I finally received the package last night and began rattling/backcombing/steaming dreads. I tried tying them into my hair with elastics last night but it didn’t look all that great and it was really pulling my hair. This morning I took them out and started to partially braid them in, yielding these not-bad results:

My hair does a pretty good job of covering them up, but you can see them peaking out hear and there. So far I’ve been using the “single-loop” method of making them where you leave a loop at the top, but I think I’ll try making some double ended dreads. The double-ended ones look easier to put in for those of us with longer hair.

Onto less vain matters, before I became really sick with my cold I was given the opportunity to get some hosting space. A good friend and former co-worker graciously agreed to host me, so here I am on! I already had the domain name from last year when I tried to set up my own webserver (I was thwarted when I found out my ISP doesn’t allow people to host out of their own homes). Now that I have my own space, I can work on making a custom layout for this blog.

I chose the domain name “” because it represents two things that I am passionate about: technology and art. My hope is to eventually do both of those things together for a living. Right now I’m brushing up on the “technology” side by learning PHP, mySQL, CSS, HTML, Javascript and whatever else I need to use to accomplish my goals. Once I have a good grasp of these languages I believe that I can use them in conjunction with art for creating websites, layouts, etc. I feel I’m really lacking on the design side since I’ve never really had any formal training, but for now I’m focusing on the programming aspect of my goal.

Between keeping up with the coding at work and trying to rest at home, I haven’t done anything extremely artistic, but I’m confident that it will come in time. For now, lunch and possibly some CSS fun. 8)


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