Coming Along

Things are in motion! I have a bunch of items to check off my ever-growing checklist:
– new laptop? Check!
– music recording software? Check!
– work on lotus tattoo design? Check!
– revamped corner of apartment to work in? Check!

I’m in the middle of quite a few things; I still can’t nail down a solid lotus design, but my cherry blossom design came to me a week before I went to Ottawa last time, so I’m trying to be patient. Tim was awesome enough to get my Sequel 2 for recording for xmas and I finally got my keyboard working with my new laptop, so there is music underway as well, though I’m just starting out by doing a cover.

I cannot write much more tonight because of lack of sleep and sore shoulders due to groceries… but I am working on things. This is good. My cover is over half done and I will post it here once it’s ready.

The layout is still the default, I know, and I’ll be trying to tweak it soon. My holiday break was mostly about music, but I did obtain the HTML/CSS book I was drooling over for xmas, so I will be digging into it soon enough. 8)


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