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March is rolling in and I hope things are on the mend, or getting there. It still feels like creatively I’m stuck, trying to find a way through. It’s strange, sometimes opportunities find their way to you; a classmate from college recently got in contact with me about writing for his blog, Tech & The Rest. I am feeling very overwhelmed and burnt out at the moment but said that I would be happy to be an editor, since I read his articles anyway and have always enjoyed English classes. He gave me an account on the site and I was ready to go. Later last week I posted a link on my social networking sites to an article about the creator of the cell phone, Martin Cooper, using a Droid phone. My classmate spotted the link and encouraged me to write an article discussing it. I was a little hesitant at first as I’m by no means an expert, but figured I’d give it a try.

Writing essays, papers, and articles is something that has always come easily to me. Once I have an idea in my head it flows fairly easily onto the page/screen. If only it were the same with song-writing… anyway, within a day I had a draft ready to go and after a few minor adjustments, it’s up on the front page. I’m very happy and proud of it! The whole thing was a lot funner than I thought it would be. It brings back the same kind of feelings I had in school & college; I had a clear goal and a path to achieve it. The research was fulfilling and the result satisfying. I think this is something I’ll continue to pursue. If nothing else, it has me doing something creative, and I really need that right now.


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