I’ve stumbled across a thread at discussing artist block/motivation issues(warning, language). I have had such a hard time getting started with art that I’ve grown afraid of a blank page. I’ve always loved detailing, but getting the foundation of a piece started has always been the hardest part for me. This thread had my answer; I highly recommend visiting it if you’re an artist of any kind.

The biggest problems I have are taking myself too seriously and my lack of confidence. Because I haven’t drawn for so long I feel like I should be at a certain level, and since I’m out of practice, I’m not there, so I don’t like what I see on the page. However, in order to get to a that level, I just have to bite the bullet and get through more drawing. Will it be a crappy drawing? F*ck yeah! Will it make me better? F*ck yeah! Just saying f*ck yeah after every task (or whatever the language equivalent is for anyone else) gives me a surge, it amps me up. Eventually after enough crap drawings there will be one or two that I’m pleased with, and that’s what I’m working towards. It’s all about the process to come up with the piece, not the end piece itself. I’ve forgotten that the best part is the process. I’m going to stop being so concerned with what it will look like in the end because I’ll be drawing so many pieces that even if I hate one, I’ll eventually draw another and another and find one to love. Art for the sake of art and nothing else.

On that note, here are some sketches and a digital drawing!


ipod touch doodle by ~soulexposed on deviantART


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