Almost Summer…

The last month has given me a lot to juggle; the student I had at work is now gone and I have a mountain of work to deal with, though hopefully as the summer goes on things will slow down, at least for awhile. On the home-front, Tim and I decided a few weeks ago that we wanted a car. Research and test-drives ensued and eventually we decided on a new car rather than used (Mazda3 Sport Hatch).

On the art-front I’ve been continuing to study gestures and have been working on being able to draw more quickly and accurately. I haven’t been able to quite make it an everyday-habit but I’m drawing every few days, which is a lot more that I was drawing a few months ago.

Also, I signed up for two evening courses at UNB: Acrylic Painting and Photoshop Basics. The Photoshop course started last Wednesday evening and was great; there are only myself and one other student so the lessons are very one-on-one. It’s mostly photography-based tips but knowing what all the tools do will help me with digital illustration as well. It also gives me an excuse to finally go through all my Greece photos. Acrylic painting starts tomorrow night and I’m physched; last year I got to see some awesome acrylic paintings that a friend had done and ever since then I’ve been inspired to pick the brush back up. I did quite a bit of painting when I was younger but fell out of it for one reason or another. Last week I fueled up on art supplies and I’m looking forward to getting back in.

I’ll try to go through my sketchbook sometime soon to post some of the drawings I’ve been working on. They’re very scribbly, but I suppose they’re better than nothing at all.

UPDATE: Finally changed the default theme to something else though it’s not of my creation. Thanks Rose City Sister!


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