Gesture drawing is tough to master. Looking online, I know when I see a “good” gesture drawing; The lines clearly describe a human and the muscles that come together to represent movement. My gesture drawings are very messy and have too many lines since I’m trying to do them quickly (30 second intervals). I hope that with more practice I will be able to represent more, using less. With any luck this journal will keep me inspired by documenting my progress:



The following is a gesture study that my art project book suggested. I studied Tim & Java and tried to map as many of their movements as possible in a short time:

My first acrylic class was last Tuesday night, with results below! I didn’t even know what matte-medium was going into the class so it was very educational; we painted the effects of opaque gradients versus matted paints. I was psyched coming out of this class. When I dipped my brush into the paint and pushed it onto the page… it was like a surge went through me and I couldn’t help but smile. I was excited, motivated and it felt really, really right to be there, doing that. More than ever I am sure of my goals and motivated to reach them!


Photoshop class has been amazing as well and I’m working on a few photos from Greece, and will post the results when they’re ready. Hint: graffiti!


One response to “motivation

  1. Wow, the gesture drawings of Tim and Java are wonderful! I really like how you drew Tim’s face in it, it’s very simplistic and only hints at his actual appearance, and it looks right. Wonderful!

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