Updates to this blog have been few and far between because I have been working away on art. I’ve started a “sketchbook” thread over at ConceptArt.org in an effort to get critique on my work so that I may improve. You should be warned, the thread contains nudity since I’ve recently started sketching nude stock photos from Deviantart, and crap 45-second poses from Posemaniacs. Anything that I deem finished and worthy will also end up on my Deviantart account. Sometimes I will post in-progress versions of my work on twitter.

My acrylic painting classes finished last Tuesday. I was really sad to have to leave, it felt like the time just flew by. What I learned about color and intensity is priceless and something I will carry with me as I venture further into painting. I’ve decided to make Tuesday nights painting nights to make up for not having classes. Let’s hope I can keep myself motivated.

To take my mind off things and to inspire me to draw/paint more, I’ve started reading again. I just finished Sunshine by Robin McKinley. It was an excellent read and I thoroughly enjoyed it, though I don’t know what to make of the ending. Books that leave loose ends bother me, I always feel like they’re unfinished. I also wouldn’t really label it as a Romance even though that’s the section of the used-book store I found it in… more just a normal fantasy novel. Oh well, good read anyway, and now I’m on to Dime Store Magic.

I’ve also been keeping myself busy and educated by continuing to write for Tech And The Rest. Right now we’re covering E3, where major gaming manufacturers get together to show off their new games and tech for upcoming 2010-2011.

Not much more to note right now, but feel free to drop by my deviantart accounts/conceptart sketchbook to check out my work. It’s not much now, but I’m sure with enough practice I will eventually improve.


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