summer's here

The days are much warmer now and I feel more at ease, though a bit restless. During the day while I’m inside, I’m antsy to get out and soak up the sun. It feels like I’m solar powered. The Summer Solstice was on Monday; I watched the sun set outside on my deck and thought of the positive things that summer will bring with it, all of the dreams and goals floating around in my mind. I feel more ambitious in this season, more healthy, barring a few issues I’m waiting to have looked at. Right now I’m actually very groggy and feel like I’m walking around in a haze. Hopefully this will clear within the next month or so. I’m trying not to let it interfere with my life.

Painting, as I’ve probably said too many times already, is incredible. After completing an under-painting, laying the colors on top and watching shapes come to life is an amazing, invigorating feeling. The hours fly by and it doesn’t feel like any kind of work, it just flows and comes naturally. I wish I could paint all the time, it’s like meditation. Yesterday after work I dragged out the easel that Tim’s dad built for me for Christmas one year, into the sun so that I could paint with natural light. It felt great and warm and so peaceful.

Bear with me, I know I’m using a lot of different ways to display images on this blog at the moment. Photobucket doesn’t let me upload anything of quality and Deviantart won’t let me share anything from the scrapbook section, so I may be sticking with ImageShack instead.

I’ve been watching Doctor Who Season 5 and enjoying it immensely; this painting is a scene from the first episode. As soon as it came up, I knew I wanted to paint it. The colors are so beautiful and vibrant, and their expressions are so intense.

– The sketch using a grid.

– The under-painting, done in Burnt Sienna.

– My light was fading, so this photo is blurry. I began adding colors on top of the under-painting. I made an effort to make the under-painting as detailed as possible so I wouldn’t have to worry too much about thinking of details when painting over it; his hair has been really fun to paint over.

Mixing colors, even just seeing how many colors actually make up a face, or hair, is fascinating. It’s fun to try and mix random colors together to see what will happen. When using palette paper, I am not worried about colors running together; in fact, some times I will even pick from different color-mixes used for different parts of the painting to come up with new and different colors. I love the natural dark color that Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber create, so much more beautiful than black.

I am also working on a goalie helmet design; I will post pictures of the COPIC marker designs as soon as I can get photos of them. I really need to look into a new scanner. This project is exciting for me because I’ve never done anything like it before; I like using art in different ways like this, painting or designing on unfamiliar materials/mediums.

Last week I quickly finished Sunshine and devoured Dimestone Magic. Now I’m almost the Hollow (2nd book in a trilogy by Nora Roberts) and just started Stolen Magic by M.J. Putney. Reading about fantasy and getting my head out of reality is very stimulating, artistically. Music does much the same for me, creating scenes and colors in my mind.

Creatively, this is a good time of year for me. I hope to take advantage of it the best I can.


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