anatomy study and redecorating

I’ve decided that when I’m uninspired to start a new drawing or painting, I will fall back onto anatomy studies. A friend gave me a book last year called “Anatomy for the Artist”, by Tom Flint & Peter Stayner. The book is filled with skeletons, bones, muscles and more to keep me busy practicing. Here is my first study from the book:

After I finished the Doctor Who painting, I wanted to paint something for our living room. At first I was going to paint some sunflowers, but I couldn’t make up my mind on exactly what I wanted. Around that time I decided that we needed to go to Home Depot to pick up some sand paper so that I could finally sand down Tim’s brother’s helmet, so that I could begin painting it. I got my sand paper, but somehow we wandered to the paint isle and I ended up with an armful of catalogs and paint chips. It seems that I now have the wild urge to redecorate. Thanks to the paint catalogues and the Apartment Therapy website, I have tons of ideas on what to do with the apartment. We’re going to start on the living room; I envision it having a Greek-theme, rich with early colors like reds, browns and oranges, with yellow curtains to brighten the room. Based on that idea, I have decided to paint a vintage travel poster of Greece (several examples of what I’m referring to). I can’t find one to copy but that’s fine; I’d like to design my own anyway, using some of the photos we took while we were there.

Over the past week I went on a bit of a book-buying spree, I bought these three books from amazon and found this one in a local book store. The hope is that these books will keep me motivated to continue on and persevere through the next two years, until I can tackle the art thing full time. So far, the Creative License book is fantastic. It’s written from the POV of someone who went through a similar trial to mine, only it took them 30 years to figure it out. I’m thankful that it’s only taken me three! I’m still waiting for the other three books.

There are a lot of creative things going on in my life right now and it feels sort of… balanced, for once. One more week until my portrait oil painting course! I’m excited for that; painting with oils will be an adventure for sure. Additionally, my friend (the same one that gave me the anatomy book) is staying with me for a few days while she takes a different course. I look forward to discussing art and having some creative company.


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