Projects on the Go

I’ve begun to pick things up again in the art world. In a week’s time I’ll be taking a silk-screening course to dive into t-shirt design, something I’ve been curious about for quite some time. I look forward to doing something different with art as I’ve been painting/sketching on and off for quite some time now. My posemaniacs sketches have slipped from their daily place but I don’t feel too badly about it as long as I’m keeping up with some kind of art form. Hopefully a portfolio with a wider variety of art with count for something more than a portfolio of simple pencil sketches. With the possibility of a bigger living space on the horizon, I may even have a real studio to help me accomplish this.

Over the last few months I’ve been working away on several art-related projects:
– Hockey Helmet: My brother in law asked me to paint a goalie mask for him a few months ago. Since then we’ve hashed out the design together and I’ve begun painting it, starting with the small back-piece of the mask. If this fails or the paint doesn’t stay on, at least I won’t have wasted my time on the whole helmet. So far so good; I bought some adhesive to mix with the acrylic paint I’m using, and some sealant spray at the art store and have mostly finished the back piece. My husband suggested I sand down the sealant and respray to get a smoother finish. Here’s what it looks like so far:

Uploaded with

– Greece Statue Painting: I began by sketching out a landscape and after much grief decided landscapes weren’t my thing. I did a white-wash over it and decided on a statue instead. It’s going to take a long time to do; the painting is quite large and there is a ton of blending to do. I haven’t touched it in two weeks after working on it for about an hour a night steadily. When I come back to it I want to it to be fresh in my mind, rather than a chore. Progress shot:

Uploaded with

– Lotus Tattoo Design: Research through various lotus flowers and tattoo designs has led me to a consistent design and allowed me to play around in Adobe Illustrator turning it into a vector drawing:

Uploaded with I’m still working on a color scheme though.

– NaNoWriMo (5K+ words so far). Decided two days into November to do this. There are only two ideas that I’ve ever really considered writing about so the topic was simple. Keeping it under wraps right now though.


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