an early new year's resolution

Upon recently discovering, I’ve decided that in the new year I would like to open up my own shop. This will allow me to continue buying art supplies/fueling my inspiration provided I can actually sell anything. Thing is, I haven’t really decided what I would sell. I’m thinking that prints would be a good way to start but I need to look around to see what my city has to offer for printing services. It might be more economical for me to do the printing myself. I would love to sell prints of my paintings, drawings, tattoo designs… which would motivate me to complete more of them in the first place. If I can get this up and running I think it will really keep me motivated through the next year while I work this day job.

On Friday night I finally completed what I consider to be my “final” lotus tattoo design. I’m going to let the idea settle for a few weeks and see how I feel about it; it feels right. I’m satisfied with it. If I don’t have the urge to change it again I will go forward with getting it done, probably locally. I’ll try and update this post a little later with a photo.

The goalie mask I’ve been working on is almost complete; I touched up the paint job and I’m working on sealing it, sanding it, and sealing it again. I didn’t seal the back-piece enough, so when I sanded it down the first time I lost a little paint with it. I’m going to seal it a few more times and see if the paint doesn’t come off. I just don’t want the paint to chip off it the first time he takes a puck to the mask.

I resumed work on the Greece statue painting last night; I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love that I took on a project so large and ambitious but hate it for the same reason. Honestly, I’ll be happy to finish it off so I can continue painting smaller canvases. Having to dedicate soooo much time to one painting is exhausting. I don’t want to look at it anymore.

One of my colleagues asked if I’d be interested in making a print of my Doctor Who painting for her. This is the first time that anyone has wanted a copy of my art. šŸ™‚ She’s leaving in mid-December and a friend suggested I give her a framed print as a going-away present. I think I will do just that.

I’ve fallen into an opportunity at work to do some photography for our annual holiday event. I’m excited and nervous; I’ll just be taking photos of people so it shouldn’t be terribly complicated. Nevertheless, I jumped quickly on the chance because it was the first creative endeavor I’ve had, and I’m now thinking I shouldn’t have leaped so quickly. Hopefully everything goes well; I’ve been having discussions with a colleague regarding photography so I should be well-prepared.

I haven’t been doing my posemaniac sketches but I’ve been pursuing art in other ways, via markers, paint, and doodling. For now, that’s good enough. I want to have a diverse portfolio to show off to the art schools I apply to.


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