last minute motivation?

I’ve finally been able to break through the art block I’ve been fighting for the past few weeks. I’d been studying still lives for so long that I thought I’d forgotten how to draw anything original! Fortunately, after taking a few deep breathes and doing a bit of research I was able to start my next piece: a tattoo-inspired dragon colored with COPICs for my dad for a father’s day gift. He’d seen my other COPIC-colored pieces and asked me to make him one. Of course I’m more than happy to oblige! I’ve got most of the pencils down so I have to clean it up a bit, ink it and then color it. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it and frame it in time.

Pinterest has ended up being a great source for finding inspiration. Here are a few artists that caught my eye this week, and a video of a mural coming together. I love watching how other artists move through a piece. Everybody’s process is a little different.

Francoise Nielly’s work is a neon mashup of color and emotion. Her portraits use what may look like a million unrelated colors, but she is somehow able to bring them together with a palette knife, making images that are striking and bold.

Francoise Nielly

Francoise Neilly

Martine Johanna (website slightly NSFW) does pencil work (and some other media of course) that is beautiful yet slightly disturbing, whether it’s directly from the subject’s expression or hidden within the detailing in the background. Much of her work revolves around the female figure but most of it focuses on facial expressions, sometimes beautiful sometimes haunting.

Martine Johanna

those little things - Martine Johanna

Finally, here’s the video of the couple putting together a mural. It starts with some semi-transparent washes of color and continues with more detailed work being attached to the walls and blended in. For some reason this video refuses to embed so you’ll have to trust me and click the link: Mural by Supakitch & Koralie


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