slow summer, another inspiration post

A few artists that have caught my eye this week:

Daniel Kornrumpf: realism & embroidery. It brings back memories of when I used to embroider when I was a kid. There’s something very satisfying about creating this amount of detail in a project using your hands and doing things slowly rather than using a newer, more automated process.
(daniel kornrumpf)

Maia Flore: “Sleep Elevations”. A series of digital (?) illustrations of figures lifted up while asleep by various objects. This work caught me as very striking, something I want to study and take in slowly.
(Maia Flore: Sleep Elevations)

Samantha Hahn. My lust for watercolor works continues. Samantha works in several additional media including inks and digital media. She not only illustrates people but creates patterns, how-to images and hand-lettered art. Unlike a lot of the other watercolor work I’ve posted, hers contain more subtle colors and washes.
(samantha hahn)
(samantha hahn)


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