More Watercolor Inspiration

I’ve signed up for yet another course starting at the end of September: watercolors for beginners! Over the summer I’ve spotted quite a few artists using watercolor in different ways; soft, dreamy wisps of color going all the way to the other extreme with booming vivid blocks of color. Since I am all about trying new things with art, I can’t wait to start! Here are some examples of what can be done with this media.

Helena Nelson’s paintings take you to another fantastical world. Her colors remind me a bit of stained glass. She leaves no detail unpainted. Her water-colors are extremely precise yet still flowing and organic. I would consider this concept art.

Helena Nelson

Helena Nelson

Inslee has a lovely fast and loose style with her water-colors. Outlines are used to tie it all in, making her art is a bit more illustration-based. Tiny details aren’t as prevalent, but patterns and colors are definitely embraced.

Inslee's Work

Inslee's Work

Kim-Anh uses inks to create beautiful old-school style tattoo art. I absolutely love the lines and blending style of this kind of art and mean to look more into it. I suppose this isn’t technically water-color, but I’m sure the techniques of that media could be applied to ink as well.

by Kim-Ahn

by Kim-Ahn

I believe Tim Shumate (aka Telegrafixs) uses a blend of water-colors and colored pencils but he is not specific in his description of this work. I am a huge fan of bright bold colors, so this immediately stood out for me. I’ve been warming up to the idea of mixing media and have already done so quite a bit with acrylics and oils. It seems natural to continue on with colored pencils as well.

"The Call is Coming from..." by Telegrafixs

"The Call is Coming from..." by Telegrafixs


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