The Ever-Illusive Short Week…

… why do they always seem so long? Anyway, despite being a bit quiet here I’ve been working on a finished design for one of the bro-in-law’s end tables. I spent most of Monday hashing out the sketch and inking it, and then added markers in gradually through the week. Now that I have one down I’m hoping the other will come together just as quickly. Then I can finally start painting the actual tables!

Male Foo Dog

Male Foo Dog

I’ve been keeping an eye out for life drawing classes around Fredericton and they’ve been very hard to find. Fortunately, I found out about a possible studio starting up at NBCCD mid-October. I’m anxious to see what their line-up of fall evening classes is and I’ll be sure to add life drawing to the list. Drawing a model from life is so much different than copying a photograph. It’s good to study from both, of course, but I find drawing from life much more challenging and rewarding. It allows you to see the subject from all angles with varied lighting, something that’s difficult to capture in a still photograph.

Stay tuned to hear about the last two days of my abstract art class, and maybe a blurb about the Golden Acrylics workshops I did a few weeks ago! Better late than never, right?


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