Head cold? Must be autumn…

Apologies on waiting this long into the week for a post. I had intended to post it on Wednesday evening but ended up coming down with a head cold. They always seem to hit me around the same time in the fall. Seeing as I’ve been sick twice already over the summer, I really hope this is my body getting the last of it out of my system…

I decided to start up an oil painting last Sunday. Immediately I was thankful for the window in my room; with the linseed oil the paint is very “aromatic”. I used an acrylic yellow ochre for the under-painting so that I could start laying in some color almost right away. It will likely take me a few weeks to a month to finish while the layers of paint dry and while I try to adapt to my changing light source.

Plant Still Life in Oils

Plant Still Life in Oils

In addition to the painting I was able to sketch and ink the sister piece to the male Shi Shi Lion I drew last week. This week I started in with some color. I really like starting projects on the weekends and getting all the foundation work out of the way. That way, when I come home from work during the week I don’t have to think too much about what to do, I can just dive in!

Female Foo Dog in progress

Female Foo Dog in progress

While out with the hubby I also picked up a set of business cards to go with my inkjet printer. I’m looking forward to designing a card that I can give out to people who ask for a website or contact information. They’ll be especially handy to have when I go to my classes. Less than two weeks to water colors!


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