some color for a rainy Friday

It’s gloomy and rainy where I am and all I want to do in this weather is sleep. Or curl up with a nice latte and a book. Working with bright colors always cheers me up a bit though. Here’s what I have going into the weekend:

Fourth photo of plant still life progress

Fourth photo of plant still life progress

I refined the pot some more and added in some rippling in the floor boards. I don’t think I’m going to be able to paint it in super bright sunlight as I’d originally intended unless we get some nice weather this weekend, but painting in muted light isn’t so bad. It’s easy to tell I’ve been painting in different lighting, just look at the leaves. Some are almost of florescent brightness and others are tamed-down dark greens. Honestly, I kind of like it that way.

Foo Dog Illustrations

Foo Dog Illustrations

Finished off the female foo dog design last night (and killed my B01, RIP buddy)! After hearing back from my bro-in-law, I’ll be ready to lay down some Gesso on the end tables and get to work painting them! Hopefully I’ll be able to redraw these without too much trouble.

Albums of the week have been Nero’s “Welcome Reality” and Dream Theater’s new “A Dramatic Turn of Events”. Since my abstract painting class I’ve been listening to a lot more techno and atmospheric music (techon, dubstep, whatever’s on cbc3…). It helps me to zone out from the world around me and really get into whatever I’m working on. I’m really starting to welcome this kind of music where I wouldn’t have in the past. Dream Theater’s album isn’t like that at all (progressive rock instead of techno) but has grown on me immensely since the first listen. Their long-time drummer quit on them earlier this year and to be frank, his leaving has really allowed the band to grow. This album is a massive improvement over their former, lyrically and melodically. There isn’t a song on the album that I really dislike, where there was only one song on their last album that really grew on me.

This weekend I’ll be baking some goodies, bottling wine and checking out my hubby’s show downtown (Seven Lives Left, 9pm at BOOM!) but I’m sure I’ll be able to squirrel away a few hours for art. Since my water-color class starts on Tuesday I’ll have to make a run to the art store to stock up on supplies before then. Oh darn. 😉


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