My other love: interior design!

Though I have little experience with it, I love interior design. As a child I frequently switched around and redecorated my hand-made doll house to keep my dolls happy. There are many artistic elements to interior design: wall colors, furniture, accent pieces, rugs, etc. I find myself drawn to watching shows (HGTV, Slice and occasionally W network) of all manners of design, from demos and reconstruction all the way through to the vase of flowers that finishes off a newly renovated room.

I dream of owning a house one day, though I have quite a while to go before I can afford it. My ultimate goal would be to construct a new home from the ground up but I wouldn’t be opposed to buying a home that needed to be completely gutted and reshaping it to my liking. Some of my wishes include:
– open concept living room and kitchen
– rich granite counter tops
– windows in every room
– master w/ensuite bath and jacuzzi (hey, a girl can dream)
– nice sized deck for bbqing
– sun room with nice big window in the ceiling

For studio space I’m a bit torn on what I’d prefer… I’ve worked on my own for quite awhile and would like to share a space with other artists. All of the art classes I’ve done so far have allowed me to network with other creative types and it’s a constant inspiration to see what others are working on, to see how other people interpret ideas.

I follow many design blogs in an effort to, one day, have some solid fabulous ideas on how to decorate my dream space. Here are a few studios/workspaces in particular that I love:

There’s a lot of bold striping going on here but it totally works! I love the art on the magazine shelfs and the rolling wardrobe in the corner. I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a sucker as far as other artist’s spaces are concerned. Entering their space allows me to get into their headspace, very invigorating.

studio makeover

studio makeover

Here’s a workspace on the other side of the color spectrum. After living in apartments with white walls I was all set to paint my dream space in a crazy array of colors, but seeing spaces like this makes me reconsider. Large windows allow tons of beautiful natural light in to highlight what little color there is in this space. Any art would shine here. It reminds me of a big empty canvas, full of possibilities.

Line Jule Hansen

Line Jule Hansen

There is so much more to interior design then I could describe in this post. I haven’t even touched on the world of fabrics or sewing, or building furniture from scratch! I’d like to take some classes on interior design but I have too many other things on the go right now. In order for me to really improve as an artist, I have to focus on some things and let others go, at least for now. Interior design is something for me to peak at while waiting for canvases to dry or taking a break from hunching over a desk and I’m okay with that. In the future, it may be more.

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