warmth in October

It was so beautifully warm over the holiday weekend. Though I was bundled up for our trip to the Saturday morning market in a jacket, sweater and long pants, I shed them all for a t-shirt and shorts in the afternoon. After our dinner with my grandmother on Sunday afternoon, driving home in the sunset inspired Tim to grab his camera and me for some fall sunset photos. He’s quickly moving from amateur photography to semi-pro with full use of the manual functions on our DSLR as well as external flashes. He’ll be posting photos throughout the week on his flickr page and there are a few already up. He’s a glimpse of what I witnessed:

Tim Taking Sunset Photos

Tim Taking Sunset Photos

October Sky

October Sky

Between eating and sleeping I didn’t get as much art done as I’d wanted but last night I attempted to make up for it and got quite a bit more done on end table #1. There’s detailing to be done (collar, clouds, earth sphere and hair) but I’d say it’s roughly halfway there. As with all of my projects, I’m learning as I go. In the future (and on the next table) I’ll be really watering/thinning down my heavy-body acrylics since it gives a much smoother finish. Using the heavy-bodies by themselves, I find they dry too quickly and clump up. I have a few small bottles of fluid acrylics and will stock up on more of them as I run out of heavy-body acrylics. Also, rather than draw with pencil on the next table, I think I’ll try to use some chalk. Covering up the pencil lines is taking more coats of paint than I thought and slowing me down. Here’s a shot from last night:

Male Foo Dog Oct.10 progress

Male Foo Dog Oct.10 progress

You may notice the lighting in that photo is kind of strange; I recently switched out the incandescent bulbs in my studio for some white-light ones, but at night they aren’t quite bright enough to paint under. I was going to invest in a floor lamp (and probably still will eventually) but stumbled on a cheaper solution for the moment: using my daylight lamp. Tim occasionally uses this for photography as well. I bought it because I’m one of many sufferers of SAD. As we lose light through the fall and winter I find myself wanting to hibernate like a bear and find it hard to motivate myself to do much of anything. Fortunately, there are many different ways to treat it and using my daylight lamp in the morning is one of them. It doesn’t alleviate all the effects of SAD but it makes mornings a lot more bearable when I’m waking up to pitch black. Diet and exercise and extremely important in this aspect as well.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready for the week! I nearly forgot it was Tuesday and would’ve missed my water-color class tonight. Speaking of water-colors, I’ll leave you with a speed-paint video I found on youtube last week. One of the reasons I love classes so much is that I get to watch other artists paint. You can learn so much just by observing!


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