Progress 17-11-11

I may have been quiet on the blog-front but I’ve been busy on the art-front:

Male Foo Dog, Almost Done

Male Foo Dog, Almost Done

I’m almost done! All that’s left is to re-do the outlines and I should be able to handle that tonight. After that I can get cracking on the second table. Hopefully I’ll be able to go through it a bit faster now that I’m feeling better and I know what to expect from the first table.

Watercolor Shading

Watercolor Shading

In my third watercolors class we looked at different methods of shading. Using a wet-on-wet technique (wet paint on wet paper) you can get some beautiful blending and blooming effects. I was under the impression that watercolor was a very unforgivable medium, but I was wrong! Re-wetting paint after it’s dried allows some flexibility. You can continue to blend it or move it around, to a certain extent. Using complimentary colors from the color wheel, she instructed us on how to shade a tree.

I’ll admit it; landscapes terrify me. I’m willing to tackle anything else in the world as a subject. I love still lives of food, clothing, nic nacs and everything else. I love illustrations and fantasy and tattoo style artwork. But when I look at a tree and try to comprehend the pattern of the bark, the shapes of the branches or the clusters of leaves, I panic a little bit. Okay, a lot. The last class-experience I had drawing trees left a bad taste in my mouth. We’d been asked to draw a tree from our imagination. No instruction on technique, no reference, just from our minds. No matter what we drew it wasn’t right or wrong. In my mind it was a complete waste of time. I can draw “from my mind” in my own time… but I digress. This class was much better. She did a demo of how she’d start a painting and how she’d layer it to get the desired effect.

My “tree” might not have much resemblance to something you’d see outside but as a shading exercise I think it was successful. My husband said he liked it better upside down and upon further inspection, I did too, so that’s how I’m showing it to you.

Curtains in the Sun

Curtains in the Sun

It’s been over a week since I completed a still life so I decided to jump in head first with some watercolors on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon while Tim was at school. I won’t say I’m a fan of math or its instruments, but I did bust out a ruler for this to get some basic structure before laying down the paints. It was a learning experience; you can add endless layers to a painting to give it depth. It’s only limited by your patience. Mine lasted about 4-5 hours before I decided the painting was done, but realistically I probably could’ve taken it a bit further. However, I’m more of an onwards-and-upwards person so I’ll try and reflect that in my next painting.

This week I received a book in the mail I’d ordered last week that I’ve been pining over for awhile now: Artist’s Handbook. This book is a great introduction to all things art! I found that, after my oil-painting class from 2010, I’d been wanting a bit more in terms of instruction on specific technique (such as glazing, impasto, etc).Artist’s Handbook gives some brief but thorough techniques on a wide array of mediums, from pencils to paint to photography to printing. Since I don’t have the money to take every art class I’d like to (re: all of them) this should help me narrow down the field a bit. I’d highly recommend it for the artist looking for a bit more on any medium!

This week I want to finish the first end table and start into the second. As well, I have another watercolors class tomorrow night and a figure drawing studio on Wednesday! If I don’t have another progress report this week, I’ll try and put up another inspiration post, since there is so much of it around this time of year.


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