Inspiration 19/10/11



Lovely contrast of flowing illustration beside chunky-patterned graffiti. I’m a fan of both genres so Gajin Fujita’s work is captivating. The bright orange and reds in the bird and lettering really make the image pop. I enjoy works that have many different layers; it makes me slow down and really examine the image, try to figure out what went into its creation.

Color Migration Blue by Nancy Ramirez

Color Migration Blue by Nancy Ramirez

A bird print with two of my favorite colors: pink and blue. This piece reminds me a bit of M.C. Escher but has more of a relaxed feel. I’m really intrigued by how the white birds seem to have a ty-dy sort of effect going on. I would have this in my home in a heart-beat! If you’re a fan of these kinds of prints or are looking for something colorful and abstract to decorate your white walls, check out her other work as well!

Lady Gaga by Rajacenna

Lady Gaga by Rajacenna

Is this a photo? Nope. It’s a drawing rendered in simple pencil. Seeing this made me do a double-take and then I nearly did a spit-take when I read that this artist is only 18 years old! This is incredible talent for someone so young!

For any artist that wishes to truly improve and take things more seriously, they will eventually learn that drawing from life is highly preferable to drawing from a photograph. For the inexperienced, drawing/copying from a photograph or still image will, most of the time, produce a fairly flat and boring copy. It may have all the detail of the original but will lack depth. This is why studying life is so important; seeing a subject from multiple angles and in different sorts of lighting allows you to really understand what it is you’re drawing and will give it more depth.

Regardless, being able to render like this at 18 is spectacular. According to her deviantart page, she spent 9 hours on this drawing but has spent up to 40 hours on others. This is not simply a copy of a photograph but an in-depth study. There are artists twice and three times her age that wouldn’t be able to replicate that amount of detail in a drawing. She even claims to have accidentally spilled water on this (where?!). To those who say that anyone can copy from a photograph, I invite you to try. Oh, and she doesn’t trace. It doesn’t even look like she grids things out. Amazing.

Satellites of Jupiter by *CrowbarTK-Hullo

Satellites of Jupiter by *CrowbarTK-Hullo

I really encourage clicking this image to see it full size. Shrinking it, even looking at a photo really doesn’t do it justice. Crowbartk-hullo, the artist in question, built this painting up slowly through washes of acrylic and eventually oils over two canvases, 5′ by 3′. The planets by themselves are marvelous (look at the rings and swirls on Jupiter!) but the sky is the really doozy for me. The galaxies are rich and layered, showing off how black can be so deep and rich, and each of the stars are individually placed. …each star. Individually placed. The patience and endurance involved in this painting are to be envied. I wish so much I could see this painting in person and really take it in. It’s actually not that far away; this work is from a student at NSCAD in Halifax!

Watercolors class was a lot of fun last night but I’m going to keep tight-lipped about it until my Friday post. I also managed to finish off end table number one and start into number two, so I’ll update you with some decent (IE non-smart phone) photos of that later this week. Happy hump-day!


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