Autumn Watercolors and Art Spotting Down-town

I’ve been really busy this week between supporting an event down-town during the day and attending several get-togethers in the evenings. One of the reasons I like taking evening classes is that it forces me to do art at some point in the week, even if I’m feeling lazy or I’m busy with other things. It’s a commitment and since I pay to go I take it seriously. This week I continued working on a watercolor I started a few weeks ago.

Autumn Watercolors Progress

Autumn Watercolors Progress

It doesn’t feel done quite yet. I think I’d like to bring some more darks into it. I love how easily watercolors blend together and how vibrant the colors are when you layer them over top each other! As long as you keep your layers light, you can use as many colors as you want to mix additional rich unique colors. I’m really enjoying the skin tones on the girl. I think I also need to bring more definition to her headdress but I’m not sure how to imitate fur with this medium… I was asked to bring in some specific works and questions for next week’s class, so I’ll add that question to the list.

While at the new convention centre down-town I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of large art works over all of their walls. While I didn’t get a chance to look at all of them, a few in particular caught my eye.

Untitled V by Anna Cameron

Untitled V by Anna Cameron (via Gallery78 website)

It’s a little difficult to appreciate this on-screen as opposed to in front of you, but with lots of natural light coming in from huge windows, this is quite striking. By themselves, the colors may appear quite dull, but beside each other like this they really come alive. Most of the time I find myself drawn to art with bright colors but the way these colors are arranged is quite effective. The drips from one stripe to the next really help pull the palette together. It’s more relaxing and inviting, something I could see hanging in my living room or in a room with lots of light, somewhere you’d entertain people. There were several of her other works there as well, all abstract and geometrical without being sterile or boring.

Ancient Landscape by Don Pentz

Ancient Landscape by Don Pentz (via Gallery78 website)

When you come up the main stairs or escalator to the second floor of the convention centre, you’re greeted with this wonderful piece. It reminds me a bit of dirt and earth, different layers and textures interacting with each other. The brushwork and palette knife work in this is very strong and adds to the earth motif. When sunlight hits the top of the painting it lights up like fire. In some parts of the painting, the weave of the canvas shows through and in other parts it’s completely covered by thick layers of acrylic paint. Having creams and warm tones over top the purples, blues and greens creates a sort of glowing effect. With a painting of this magnitude I really needed to step back to take it in. (I may have gotten separated from my tour group at this point as well… worth it!)

With the threat of snow more often than not I’m afraid I won’t be able to varnish my tables on our deck. Nevertheless, I’m going to finish off the second one as soon as possible and then trek down to the father in law’s or my own father’s house for a bigger sheltered space to varnish in. To be honest, my studio will feel very empty without these tables in it! Ever since I moved into the new studio, they’ve been there. I think in the new year, once yard-sale season starts up again, I may look at buying a piece or two of furniture at a time and painting it for resale. Think there’d be a market for it?


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