Rooms Inspired by Art

A few weeks ago I started noticing (mostly via Apartment Therapy and Pinterest) that people were designing rooms in their homes based on paintings. What a great idea! Choosing color for a room can be a stressful experience, especially if you don’t really know where to start or what to look for. If you use a favorite painting to pick the colors your room is sure to be a winner! Here are some examples.

Caroline's "Pop Art" Room

Caroline's "Pop Art" Room, via Apartment Therapy

Caroline based her room off of a pop-art type print above the couch. The primary colors have the potential to be overwhelming but are balanced out by the neutral creams and browns. While there is an obvious color palette here, she has a lot of freedom with how she uses it (pillows, chairs, even books). The room is fun and happy without being over the top.

Adding Color Through the Use of Curtains

Adding Color Through the Use of Curtains (via Apartment Therapy)

The above room is similar to the pop art room but takes the pops of color a bit further, bringing in a deep gold to the curtains. The decorator here has chosen to be more selective about the colors they used from the painting above the fireplace, leaving out the blue and focusing more on the pinks and yellows. The white floor, walls and ceiling act as a base for the brighter colors and the black accents on the furniture and windows sort of pull it all together and give it a modern-feel. I love the zebra ottoman in front of the fire-place!

Paul's "Burnt Paulie " Room

Paul's "Burnt Paulie " Room (via Apartment Therapy)

Because the painting that was the focus here already had a limited color palette, picking colors for this room was likely a no-brainer. I especially like how the carpet repeats the pattern in the background of the painting. This room is simple yet extremely stylish. Even though there is a lot of black and white here, it manages to shake off any sterile vibes and feels more upbeat. Sometimes simple is best!

Room based off of painting by William de Kooning

Room based off of painting by William de Kooning (via Sketch42)

This last one didn’t have a lot of description with it (or a proper source). Still, it’s a good example of how choosing colors from a painting can make your life easier. There are a lot of colors to choose from here, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, start with two or three and work your way up from there. Those who worry about too much color can start with a white or neutral -colored room and add colorful accent pieces. Those who are more adventurous (like myself!) can go crazy with bright walls and curtains. The walls and curtains in my living room match the color in this painting, and they certainly didn’t start out that way!


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