Porcelain Mask

For the first time in quite awhile, I had a productive weekend!


Mask Illustration by Jess Lingley

I wanted to do another still life involving more detail. Originally I’d intended to pick out something mechanical, something I could take apart to be able to draw the individual pieces. Unfortunately I was unable to find anything like that around my apartment. I was about to try and draw my house keys when I spotted this mask in the corner of my room and had a “eureka!” moment.

I was very meticulous with this piece right from the get-go. I wanted the details to be as exact as possible so I made sure to get an accurate sketch down before starting in with the colors. In total, the piece took around 10 1/2 hours to complete. I worked on it for a bit each day of the weekend. My goal for this work was to feel like, at the end of it, there wasn’t anything more I could add to it. Frequently when I’m working on something I get thoughts like “oh, I should have put more detail here” or “what if I painted that a different way” but push through to not lag behind. With this drawing I put as much detail into is as possible so I wouldn’t have any second thoughts.

This lead to doing pointilsm in the background to blend colors and using gold paint and a needle at the end to try and capture some of the intricate gold weavings in the fabric and on the face.

mask detail

mask detail

It was around this time that I learned why people use brushes instead of needle-point. I was almost cross-eyed by the end of it but I’m pleased with the result! Another reason I was able to put so much time and effort into this piece was that I really liked the subject. Often about halfway through a larger painting I have to go away for awhile, sometimes for a few weeks, because I’m simply tired of looking at it. With this I didn’t really experience that.

This took most of my weekend but I did manage to get a few coats of krylon acrylic coating on the end tables. Now I’m looking into an acrylic varnish to finish them off, something non-toxic/stinky and something I can brush on (and do out back on our deck).

Better quality photos will follow one I pry the DSLR away from Tim, or persuade him to help me. πŸ™‚

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