Nature in Jewelry

Since I don’t have a lot to report on in the art world (the coats of varnish on my tables continue…) I’ve decided to report on one of my many other loves this week: SPARKLIES!

Recently I’ve noticed that there seems to be a trend in fashion incorporating symbols and patterns from nature into fabrics and jewellery. I’m a huge fan of this trend; leaf patterns in rings, peacock feathers in necklaces and shirts, owl accessories… I have a huge appreciation for jewelry that pays attention to detail and shows off nature. Here are some of my favorites:

Locket Ring

Locket Ring (origin unknown)

The flowers on this ring are absolutely gorgeous and the detail carries through the locket to the band.

Turquoise Dahlia Ring

Turquoise Dahlia Ring (link goes to Etsy store)

Silicon petals give the flower depth while the brass banding, reminiscent of a fence, really brings out the turquoise.

Antique Brass Tree of Life Charm

Antique Brass Tree of Life Charm (link goes to Etsy)

This design is very simplistic but beautiful to look at. The metal has been manipulated in a way to look very natural, like branches of a tree.


KIJANI WEDDING SET Engagement Ring (link goes to Etsy)

The intent to mimic nature here is very clear. The idea of branches wrapped around a diamond is wonderful!


Steampunk ANGEL FEATHER (link goes to Etsy)

A feather wrapped around the finger makes a delicate ring.

Looking to nature for inspiration makes sense. There are repeating patterns everywhere you look, from petals on flowers to ripples in a lake, to spots on a leopard. When these patterns are used with clothing and accessories worn on the body it makes them seem more natural, as if they belong there.

I had originally intended on making this post about nature in fashion and jewellery in general but quickly discovered after looking through my boards on Pinterest that I have way too many items to talk about in one post! This will definitely be a subject I return to in the future.


3 responses to “Nature in Jewelry

  1. I’m absolutely in love with that Kijani wedding set! I love trees and nature-themed anything, so this is just perfect. Not that I was looking…but I may share this link with my boyfriend lol. Thanks for sharing! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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