Progress 05-12-11

Sunday proved to be a great day for painting! Here’s some progress on the oil painting I started last week:

Assessing Your Personality (progress) - Jess Lingley

Assessing Your Personality (progress) - Jess Lingley

The books have been fully blocked out and I’ve added highlights and shadows. I started doing some of the lettering and quickly realized how difficult it’s going to be. With the whole painting wet, there’s nowhere for me to rest the side of my hand to keep it steady, so I’m having to try and do it freehand. I don’t have a brush small enough to do some of the text so I’m not sure how that’s going to work out. I found myself wanting to give up on it frequently but managed to push through it and don’t feel so bad about it now. Looking forward to having free evenings this week to work away on it.

I also started painting some xmas cards! I wasn’t going to do it this year as I thought it’d be too much work, but I got started and was surprised at how fun it was! Being able to start and complete a new piece in a few hours is exhilarating. I don’t think I’ll have much problem doing at least a dozen of these. Now, since I’ll be giving them out to family (some of which read this blog, I hope, WINK WINK) I really shouldn’t be posting any progress shots…

… but what kind of a post would this be without pictures? Here are some teasers:

Xmas Card Teaser 1

Xmas Card Teaser 1

Xmas Card Teaser 2

Xmas Card Teaser 2

It seems I’m pretty terrible at posting on Fridays. I’m working on a post regarding my last watercolor and figure-drawing classes and will try and have it up Wednesday in an effort to avoid that sneaky lazy Friday feeling.


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