Progress 16-12-11

Over the past week I’ve been working away on the Assess Your Personality painting I started a few weeks ago.

Books Painting Progress 1

Books Painting Progress 2

Books Painting Progress 3

Without a doubt the most challenging part of this painting is the text. One of the draw-backs to oil painting is the drying time. I have to strategize which piece of the painting I’m going to work on because if I jump around and work on different parts (basically what I do now) I end up with paint everywhere. It gets on the palms of my hands when I’m doing intricate lettering and need balance, and then my hand stamps it on other parts of the painting. This has slowed me down a little but now that the solid colors on the books are dry I’m free to work on the lettering without too much worry of wet paint.

I thought that linseed oil kept the paint from drying but it turns out I was wrong. It seemed to speed up the drying time on some of the darker paint I was using. Lesson learned! I’ve been using it a lot more with the paint for lettering because it helps the paint to glide evenly over the sometimes-rough surface and maintain consistency, though it does thin the paint a bit.

These things always take way longer than I think they’re going to take. I just wanted to round out the year with a nice still life painting with subject matter I hadn’t tackled yet and figured books would be easy. I think the lettering is actually going to take longer than any other part of the painting. I goofed up pretty badly on the text of the fifth book in from the left and will have to paint over it and start again. I may have it done for the new year since I have some time off coming up.

I’m looking forward to finishing up and giving out my christmas cards this weekend as well as attempting some more baking. I hope all of you have a lovely weekend, too!


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