Inspiration 09-01-12

I’m back (again)! Though I’m not quite back to 100% I will have three posts up this week for sure (need to make a resolution to write more ahead of time). I didn’t do anything remotely productive last week but even when I’m not working the world continues to inspire me. Just to keep you reading, I may have some ~big news~ soon. Until then, enjoy some inspiration!

fruit paintings by dennis wojtkiewiczs

fruit paintings by dennis wojtkiewiczs

By the end of 2011 I was struggling to find ways to make still lives more interesting. It’s not quite as simple as getting a few items together and painting away; it’s got to hold the viewer’s attention, be pleasing to look at or even tell a story. I’m sure I’ve said before that choosing subjects for still lives is sometimes more difficult than the painting itself. These fruit paintings by Dennis Wojkiewiczs are rich in color and detail. The lemon slice pictured above feels ethereal. Every vein and pocket has been painstakingly rendered with juicy color and appears as if it’s being lit from the inside. This feels like a really original take on the fruit painting idea. His work worships the fruit giving it a stained-glass appeal, like it should be in a huge window in a church or museum.

by Marta Nael

by Marta Nael

When I first saw this I was convinced it was a painting in either acrylics or oils, but I was wrong! Work like this (by Marta Nael) really inspires me to take a second glance at digital media. I’ve tried doing some work on a Wacom Cintiq but haven’t warmed to it the same way I did to paints. It feels like there’s a bit of a disconnection… maybe because I’m not getting paint on my hands, or because I’m not using a “brush”. I find some digital illustration to be flat but this is definitely the opposite. This beautiful portrait is composed of an array of different brush strokes and shapes making it really stand out. Even the backdrop is beautiful and complex. I would love to see an animation of how this was done.

APB Charlotte by arnistotle

APB Charlotte by arnistotle

Character design is so much fun! There are so many creative threads to weave together before the drawing even begins: the character’s past, what their personality is like, how they dress… it can seem a little overwhelming but it really allows the artist to flesh out a figure. It can be as simple as shape, size and hair color, or it can be as complex as what each scar they have means. I’m a bit of a sucker for metal and steampunk fashion so of course I love this illustration. I especially like the way the jewelry’s been rendered, in particular the studded bracelet. I genuinely love drawing the details in things like belts, laces and boots. The material in the dress is very nicely done as well.

Hope your Monday has been lenient! More from me on Wednesday!


One response to “Inspiration 09-01-12

  1. lately i’ve been downloading alot of free2play/trial mmos just to play around with the “create a character” screens to get ideas and try out different looks.if you want some punk/metal character ideas check out crimecraft, apb or saints row 3 initiation station

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