Art History via The Simpsons

I grew up watching The Simpsons and was introduced to so much history and popular information that way, for better or for worse. Music, fairy tales, world events… I’ve had several occasions where, when asked if I recognize a particular name or fact will instantly brighten up with “oh yeah, that simpsons episode!”.

Art is no exception to this. has put together a complete list of all art references during the course of The Simpsons. This is no small list; there are well over a hundred entries within. I have to give the animators some serious credit after reading through. So many scenes that may only last a minute are filled with famous paintings and references to artists!

The Complete History Of Art References In The Simpsons

The Complete History Of Art References In The Simpsons

A few particular references that stand out to me are the introduction of Jasper John, a parody of “The Sleep” by Dali, remake of “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli, gummy Venus de Milo and an opening sequence featuring “Relativity” by Escher.

There are a lot of clever references here so be sure to take a look!


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