For My Home 11-01-12

The blogs I visit regularly help inspire not only my art but my sense of style, the things I eat, they way I live and the way I decorate. When I first furnished our space I would choose things based on reaction and instinct or comfort, not really paying much attention to what everything would look like together in one room or how I could achieve harmony with it. I’m not about looking into the past and dwelling on things, but if I had another crack at it now there’s a lot I’d do differently. (Is there anything like What Not To Wear, but for interior decorating?) For example, I love my big leather sofa but it’s too big for the room and two smaller pieces might’ve been a better choice.

In this column I’ll discuss what I’d like to furnish my space with, current and future, and why I’d pick them, ranging from specific items on pinterest and etsy to more conceptual items or ideas from other bloggers and retailers. Buying for the home as spur-of-the-moment thing can lead to clutter which I’ve been guilty of in the past, and since I’ve vowed to purge the junk from my home this year, I will do my best to justify each item I post as well as describe what kind of space I think it’d be most successful in.

Hand Painted Ceramic Tea Set

Hand Painted Ceramic Tea Set (via etsy)

This tea set is beautiful! I’d like to start incorporating more and more hand-made goods into my life and this would be a great start since I’m an avid tea drinker. To be honest, I’m not really attached to the design here and would like something a bit more colorful, perhaps some cherry blossoms or roses, but the idea is there. Maybe the answer to this is to look for a simple tea set that I could paint myself? This design is simple and would go well in almost any kitchen or living room. If I was to set a table particularly for this set I would use some cream-colored place mats and light cool brown napkins, maybe with chocolate biscuits to complement the tea. There is a lot that could be done with this set since it’s fairly neutral.

Large Aqua Stoneware Bowl

Large Aqua Stoneware Bowl (via Etsy)

This is an item I’d have a hard time placing. It’s gorgeous; I love the blue-aqua-cream inside of the bowl but I’m at a bit of a loss as to where I’d put it and what I’d do with it. I suppose it could be placed by the front door to collect keys but I’d be a little weary of scratching the inside. It could also be used to serve some food (appetizers or fruit perhaps?) or maybe house some potpourri. It would really pop in a room of muted greys or blues but would also work with whites and creams.

Greek Key Pillows

Greek Key Pillows (via Decorista)

I’d love to have some more throw pillows for the living room and bedroom. They’re great for curling up against or for creating make-shift seats with and they’re a great way to spice up any space! These in particular would work well with the greek color theme in my living room. I’ve got large golden curtains over a deep red wall (coupled with two cream-colored walls) to give a warmth to our space and elongate the room a bit. On our rich red-brown leather couch these would be eye-catching for sure.

Union Jack Dresser

Union Jack Dresser (via Apartment Therapy)

I won’t lie; this awesome union jack dresser doesn’t go with anything in my bedroom right now… but I love it enough that I’d change my bedroom around to accommodate it! Our current bedroom is a little blah as we got stuck with some large furniture that I’m not to fond of, but I’m looking to get rid of the biggest piece (a huge armoire) in the coming months and this could set right where that is. For a piece like this, rather than paint the walls and go with a bold color scheme I’d step things down and keep the walls neutral. I picture a bedroom that by itself is very simple but highlights art on the walls and accessories, mementos and photos. I could definitely see cashing in on some “keep calm” merchandise here as well.

Happy hump day and I’ll catch you at the end of the week!

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