Digital Impressionism and a Design Tutorial

So far, *knock on wood*, nothing terribly unlucky has happened to me on this Friday the 13th. I hope it’s the same for you guys! Here are a few tutorials I found, one of them from an artist on my inspiration post earlier this week!

Digital Impressionism Tutorial by `MartaNael

Digital Impressionism Tutorial by `MartaNael (via Deviantart)

I was so excited to see that this artist broke down her work for us! Seeing it come together step by step is beautiful. She starts in a very abstract way, layering colors, strokes and shapes on the canvas to create a rich intense backdrop, and then slowly adds in more defined strokes and shapes to bring her subject forward. She uses many brushes and filters as well, but by themselves they wouldn’t make the work shine. Used with her method of bring seemingly unrelated colors and forms together makes her pieces fascinating.

Collaboration! Two samurai (artists) are more powerful than one.

Collaboration! Two samurai (artists) are more powerful than one. (via GoMediaZine)

I’ve seen tutorials from these guys before; they’re very thorough and educational! Part of what inspired me to start putting more effort into my original work was seeing these kinds of tutorials. They explain their research and sometimes even show what they use for reference. Much like my own work, after initial sketches are done and they choose a version they like, inking begins. Digital inking and vectors are both really popular these days, especially if you’re planning to color digitally, but I still find inking by hand extremely enjoyable. Here they ink the sketch with microns and then color digitally, blocking out colors and adding in symbols and logos. The design is extremely complicated and it’s great to see what went into making it, start to finish.

Since those tutorials are both fairly lengthy, I’ll leave it at that and recommend that you take a look through them. Have a great Friday and weekend!


One response to “Digital Impressionism and a Design Tutorial

  1. The first one is looks great and exciting if one is new to Digital painting, but later one can discover that if you know what you are painting then any method can give a desired effect.

    Nonetheless I commend anyone willing to show their methods to help.

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