Progress 19-01-12

I keep getting distracted by chores and my espresso maker breaking on me, but I was able to get quite a bit accomplished on Monday night. I’m so close to finishing my latest painting!

Assess Your Personality - progress

Assess Your Personality - progress (via Tim's flickr)

Tim needed a subject for his on-going 365 project so you can all reap the benefits of a higher quality progress photo. I need to clean up a little more of the text and make sure the edges are all touched up, but otherwise there shouldn’t be much more to do on this. Can’t wait to finish it and put all this stuff away!

Life Owl Progress

Life Owl Progress

This sketch will be the first in a series of three on the different lore and stigma associated with owls. The first will be the owl meaning life and knowledge. I found a lot of reference to owls in association with Athena and since I used to be really into Greek lore, and wanted an excuse to try drawing a tattoo-style gypsy, I figured I’d give it a go. I might move her and the fruit on the bottom up a bit so everything is framed a little better, but this is pretty close to what the final inked drawing will look like.


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