Inspiration 23-01-12

I’m pleased to say that I succeeded in completing my “Assess Your Personality” painting on Saturday night! I can finally put away the bulky still life setup and not have to worry about rolling back into a wet painting from my chair. You can be sure there will be pictures once I’ve cleaned up my space and have some decent quality images to post. I’m going full-tilt into an illustration kick next! For now, though…

Paintings by Eric Zener

Paintings by Eric Zener

Perhaps it’s because I’m a water sign (Cancer) that I’m drawn to art involving water. Zener’s oil paintings are breath taking, almost photorealistic. His water series especially is beautiful to look at. So much care is taken to bring out each color and sharpen each detail. Each painting takes you to another place to experience what the subject experiences. He says his work “reflects our collective desire for transformation into something ideal”. I agree with this very much by looking at his series of works; the theme is definitely there. He’s especially talented at painting things in flow, whether it’s water or fabrics.

snakebitescars by Stephanie Pena

snakebitescars by Stephanie Pena

Typically I’m a fan of bright colors but these washed-out tones are really appealing in this illustration. I also really love the big thick lines and style reminiscent of old comic books. It looks like she’s had a lot of fun with the clothes on these characters. The whole thing is very lose, edgy and cool.

by Ken Garduno

by Ken Garduno

The line-work in this piece is at the other end of the spectrum from what I’m usually into, but different is good! The subject matter is a bit of a mystery but it’s got makings of a lot of great things. It’s a gypsy getting a piggy-back from a zombie with smoking hands… what more can I really say? This is one of those works that I don’t really understand why I like, but I really, really do.

by Cecilia Paredes

by Cecilia Paredes (via Trendland)

It may just look like a swatch of wallpaper, but look a little closer. Cool, ne? This artist paints these designs on herself to blend in with the background. This is a lovely combination of things I’ve been into lately; colorful illustrative art and awesome wallpaper designs.


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