Books, Spoons and Barbies

Assess Your Personality by Jess Naish Lingley

Assess Your Personality by Jess Naish Lingley

I wanted to get a better photo of this to post but since Tim’s got dibs on the camera for the weekend, this will have to do for now. I’m just glad it’s finally finished! I was finally able to dismantle the still life setup and put all the books away; my studio feels so much larger now. This still life was a great study in perspective and text, especially on drawing things as they are and not how you expect them to be.

I showed my uncle a progress photo while I was visiting last weekend and he asked me if I turned the canvas upside down to draw the text on the bottom (501 cocktails). The only reason I would do this would be to avoid pushing my palm up against a wet section of the painting. Our eyes and brain tend to auto-complete things for us. Most of the time, we can read text that’s upside down or sideways and even when it’s faded out because we know what it’s supposed to look like. I tried as much as possible to paint the text exactly as I saw it, as if it were symbols or something that I didn’t have to read, rather than trying to re-create what I thought it should look like.

Ice Cream Scoop Warhol Style

Ice Cream Scoop Warhol Style

Messing around in Photoshop is fun! After doing his photo of the day a few nights ago, Tim asked me to rearrange a few different colored versions in a Warhol-style frame. Since he supplied me with the photos, all I had to do was line them up on a new canvas. Not very difficult, but a good exercise in Photoshop layer/ruler skills.

Barbie as Famous Works of Art by Jocelyne Grivaud

Barbie as Famous Works of Art by Jocelyne Grivaud (via Beautiful Decay)

Something fun for Friday; Jocelyne Grivaud has remade several works of art using Barbie, whether through photography or painting. The result is a nice contrast between styles. Some works are very similiar but in others the tone is completely different. For example, with the Mona Lisa version the barbied-image is a stark contrast to the original in several ways. Mona Lisa is beautiful, but she’s not a model and she’s not smiling with teeth, things that that the Barbie version makes very obvious. I especially like the Picasso-Barbie painting, in a world all its own.

If you’re in the Maritimes braving the snow, keep safe! Hope everyone has a great weekend, snow or not. πŸ™‚

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