Inspiration 02/02/12

All I want to do is hibernate until all of this snow has melted away, but I must continue to push forward. Another month or so and it’ll start to warm up a bit. At the very least, staying inside so much has given me lots of opportunities to work on art. I finished inking the first drawing in my owl series last night and will show you after the weekend, hopefully accompanied by some more.

by Helen Dardik

by Helen Dardik (via LagomDesign)

Over the past few months I’ve begun to take more notice of patterns in art and design. It’s not as simple as repeating a subject over and over again, there must be more to it. It’s still a mystery to me, though, and something I’d love to learn more about. Making beautiful and effective patterns must take planning and skill. I like this one because it’s not overwhelming despite the many subjects. (Oh, and the artist is a Canadian illustrator so that’s a plus!)

"Vicious Vangogh" by Dave MacDowell

"Vicious Vangogh" by Dave MacDowell (via Flickr)

Love the combination of Fine Arts and Punk! He’s very skilfully used different color palettes between the background and foreground to make the subject really pop. Upon further examination of the face you can see that he’s used a sort of hatching technique to shade and give the skin texture. Excellent use of acrylics, makes me want to start another painting right now!

Kevin Dart’s Looks that Kill

Kevin Dart’s Looks that Kill (via Grainedit)

Black & pink look fantastic together so this was a no-brainer for me. I love what he’s been able to do with such limited color use. Very chic, very cool.

Check Mate by Alex Young

Check Mate by Alex Young

The spray paint and running of the paint seems to unify this piece yet not obscure any of the details. Again, there’s use of a limited color palette here and it adds to the painting, keeping it simple. I think too many other colors would jumble things up and make it too busy.


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