Finished Chuck Close Study

Yesterday afternoon I finally decided to finish off the Chuck Close study, because I have a million ideas for new paintings flying around in my head and I want to dedicate some time to them without feeling guilty. Here it is:

Self Portrait, Chuck Close Style by Jess Naish Lingley

Self Portrait, Chuck Close Style by Jess Naish Lingley

I wanted to have a clear contrast in this painting; one side is painted in bright colors and the other is painted in neutral and flat tones, to represent the two conflicting sides of me. This project allowed me to examine color theory. For example, what colors really make up skin tone? Peaches and pinks, browns and oranges? It’s so much more than that! In hindsight, I wished I’d painted a flat color over the masonite to start, as a base coat, because I spent a lot of time trying to cover up little white spots with random colors of paint. On top of this, I wanted the acrylics to be nice and smooth and using any kind of gloss/glaze medium with them tends to thin them down quite a lot, requiring several coats of color to ensure they were opaque. This was a fun painting and what I learned about color theory, from the abstract course last summer, will stick with me from here on out.

I also finished inking owl #2 on Saturday afternoon:

Guidance Owl Inks by Jess Naish Lingley

Guidance Owl Inks by Jess Naish Lingley

I added a lot more detail in the inking process here than I’m normally comfortable with. It’s always better to have a plan of what you’re doing, before you start in with permanent mediums lest you get overzealous and make a mistake that’s difficult to fix. I’m starting to get excited about adding color to these, but I have one more drawing w/linework to go first! Then I’ll be testing COPIC swatches out on the sketches.

I finally have a picture of Assess Your Personality in its frame, though it’s only with my cell phone cam at the moment.

Assess Your Personality by Jess Naish Lingley

Assess Your Personality by Jess Naish Lingley

I’m proud of this and so glad it’s done. So much work! Looks pretty kickin’ in a frame though. 🙂

Next on my project list is an abstract painting for our bedroom. I’m not sure what style to paint in yet but I do know that I’m using a color palette inspired by cherry blossoms: pale pinks, blues, browns. I’ve been doing a lot of detail-oriented work lately so I’m excited for the change of pace! I’d like to set up a specific playlist to paint to as well, instead of listening to whatever is on the radio.

Happy Monday everyone and keep warm!

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