Elements of Nature in Illustration

There has been a ton of inspiring art surfacing over the past few weeks. Maybe I’m just more receptive to it right now? Either way, it’s exciting to see so many new and fresh paintings and illustrations! Keeps me on my toes. Narrowing it down to a few is going to be difficult, but at the same time there’s enough material to allow me to keep a theme. This time I’ve chosen illustrations and nature.

Jon Snow & Ghost by Douglas Holgate

Jon Snow & Ghost by Douglas Holgate (via Skullduggery.com)

I’m really enjoying Game of Thrones aka Songs of Fire & Ice, though I’ve only made it to book four and watched the first season. This is a really great illustration; the trees and snow frame these two characters wonderfully and the shadows give it an edgy atmosphere. The texturing on the fur and the blood splotches on the snow are well done too.

by rachel idzerda

by rachel idzerda (via tumblr)

This illustration is so rich with detail, though it may not be obvious at first. Making water looking convincing is very difficult but there are many different ways to tackle it. Here, Rachel has used a combination of lighting and texture to, very successfully, simulate the depths. If you look closely at the waves near the top they almost look like spirits dancing around the bird. I really like how the ruffles in her dress mimic the current in the water as well.

Nocturne by Rodrigo Enrique Luff

Nocturne by Rodrigo Enrique Luff (via Deviantart)

The color palette in this work is very dark and moody, the sky holding a very subtle gradient from black to blue to brown, causing the blue to glow. Each one of the owls were carefully drawn and detailed so that they don’t simply fade into the background, but each have a unique character and personality. The floral pattern on the dress flows and compliments the opaque background.

Flutter by Jason Levesque

Flutter by Jason Levesque (via http://blog.stuntkid.com)

The girl in this drawing looks completely strung out. Her glazed eyes are accentuated by the puffy red lids which in turn are complimented her her lush lips and pink nails. All of this guides your eyes to her face and hands, giving a strong expression of wonder. Her greenish skin tone and with the butterflies give an other-worldly appeal to this image. Jason chose a fairly difficult angle to draw at as well, from below eye level of the subject, strengthening the wondrous nature of the image.

Glitches by Goni Montes

Glitches by Goni Montes (via Chrome Yellow)

Finally, we have an awesome contrast of mechanics and nature: flowers against wires, snow against metal. The reflections in the metal and detailing of the bark in the trees are eerily similar. Is this a nuclear wasteland or a snow storm? The pattern in the kimono is very nicely done as well and the green brings life to the neutral tones in this piece. One of the things about illustration that really pulls me in is that one single image can tell a whole story and spark so many questions.

The last image with snow is fitting since apparently the maritimes are going to be hit with another snowstorm this weekend. Oh well, just another reason for me to shut myself inside with a warm drink and my art. 🙂 I started testing some colors on my owl sketches last night and I’m pumped to finally get coloring this weekend!


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