For My Home 29-02-12

Last weekend was a bit of a dud. I did get a chance to test some colors out on a sketch and begin coloring the life owl. As well, I did a bit more on the abstract, but I didn’t get as far as I’d planned. I was overly tired and needed a few days of of rest, so I let the art go for awhile since I didn’t want to push myself. I’m feeling better today, though, and I’m ready to dive back into it. Since I don’t have much for progress shots I’ll show you what I’ve been drooling over to have in my home.

Paula Mills' family room

Paula Mills' family room (via Design Sponge)

Having an old-fashioned travel trunk has been on my “want” list for a long time now. Currently, in our bedroom we have a large armoire to hold some odds and ends including my make-up, medicine and not much else. It’s gaudy and a huge waste of space; I look forward to getting rid of it. After looking at some train-style travel cases for make-up, I got the idea to find an old trunk to have at the foot of the bed to organise the content of the armoire. It would free up a ton of space in the room and I could custom paint it myself! Though I haven’t gotten any closer to my goal I fully intend on doing this, hopefully sometime this year.

Industrial Chandelier with Vintage Bulbs

Industrial Chandelier with Vintage Bulbs (via Etsy)

I really love this “industrial chandelier”. It’s simple and was a warm inviting aesthetic. It would work well in a studio-space, an upgraded garage, a basement or even a neutral dining room or den. Since it’s not overly-detailed it would work in a multitude of spaces.

Design by Joy Triboult

Design by Joy Triboult (via The Zhush)

I talked about print and pattern in my fashion post last week and I feel it works in interior design as well, but it needs to be treated carefully. With the mirror in this space there’s a zebra-print border that looks quite nice without being overwhelming. If the entire dresser was covered in it, it risks looking a bit gaudy. Here though, it looks quite nice.

Pop Art Dresser

Pop Art Dresser (via 79ideas)

Want to keep a minimalistic look in your room, or don’t want to clutter up your walls, but you still want to display art? Paint your dresser! I love how this simple dresser was jazzed up using pop art. Keeping it black and white is a great way to keep the feel modern and fun without overwhelming the space. This is something I would absolutely consider doing myself, if I can convince my husband our furniture needs sprucing up. πŸ™‚