Progress 05-03-12

Oh hey, this is post 100! My traffic has increased dramatically over the past six months and I’d just like to thank all my new readers! I hope you like what you see and are enjoying my artistic journey. I have some pretty big news that I’m not quite ready to share with the public yet but it will change my blog in a big way. I’m so excited! Hopefully I’ll be able to spill the beans in the next month or so.

This post is brought to you by ScribeFire since WordPress’ site is still acting weird. So far, I like it! Very nice layout; it acts as an extension to your browser and has all the same functionality that WordPress’ site does.

Last night I spent a couple hours on the life owl illustration and honestly, got far enough into it that I don’t want to show it until it’s all done. However, I will allow a few teaser pics and show you the color-testing page. I’m glad I tested some of the colors out beforehand, but in actuality I’ve taken the final drawing in quite a different direction. I’m looking forward to finishing it and showing it off!

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Life Owl Color Testing

The more I look at my abstract painting, the more I feel like it’s mostly done. I think I want to try and bring some more subtle highlights into it but beyond that, I don’t think I need to take it much further. A few weeks ago I did some blue-glazing on it to unify the color palette, which was feeling a bit all over the place.

Abstract for Bedroom

You may notice the lighting in my photos is slightly brighter than usual. That’s because I bought a proper desk lamp at Home Depot! The ceiling light in my studio is actually quite dim and the table lamp I had was ancient and very yellow-y. This one is much bright and much better: fully ajustable, and it comes with a clamp-mount.

I know I’ve been a bit quiet for the past week so I’ll attempt to have posts up tomorrow and Friday as well. Stay tuned, and thanks again for all the support!

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