Studio Spaces 09-03-12

Seeing how other artists have their studios set up is exciting. I get a taste of what they experience when they create their work. Each splotch of paint or dent tells a story, and each artist works in unique conditions. I like to have dedicated space, but other people can sit down and do their thing wherever they please. Some artists even prefer plein air aka working outside but this is something I’ve never been comfortable with, likely being I hate any kind of cold weather and I’m paranoid about bugs/insects. Anyway, onto some studios!

Richard Kooyman, Chicago, Illinois (site)

This space belongs to Richard Kooyman in Chicago, Illinois. I love the huge windows which much let some beautiful natural light in there. He picked a great time of day to take this photograph, too (the windows themselves look like giant paintings). The space feels warm and inviting with brick walls and hardwood floor… I like that it has an “unfinished” feel which makes it less stressful or sterile. He has lots of room to work on the wall or on tables. It looks like it has good ventilation as well which is imperative if you’re working with oils or other toxic mediums.

studio space of Kirra Jamison

studio space of Kirra Jamison

Kirra Jamison lives and works in a loft. Having a huge open layout brings a unity to the entire area. She has a lot of her supplies and palettes set up on a rolling trolley, making it easier to move around on a larger piece without running back and forth to her palette. Having all the walls painted white makes this space larger than life. It’s almost like she’s living in a gallery! I love how the floor has splotches of paint all over; rather than looking messy it looks like a properly used space.

Jeff's Garage to Studio Conversion

Jeff's Garage to Studio Conversion

Here we see a garage converted to an art studio. The open space is partitioned off into sections, which organizes the space without making it claustrophobic. Jeff says he prefers to work on a long table so he can spread things out and work on several projects at once. To fully finish the space, he hired contractors to finish/insulate the walls and redo the electrical: smart move. There is lots of room in here for his own art as well as art from others, any collections he may have (like the bears in the top photo) and all of his technology (including a large format printer, jealous!). Click the images to go to Apartment Therapy and see more of this space.

via Tumblr

Unfortunately I was unable to locate the source of this one. What a beautiful space! The colors remind me of Greece; I miss it so much this time of year with the cold, wind and snow/rain. The walls are nice and bright but the greenery up above helps to balance it out. This space looks like might be used for teaching. Having fresh air and natural light so close by would be very refreshing to work in.

Hopefully this weekend I will, at least, be able to finish owl drawing #1. Wish me luck!


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