Progress 12-03-12

I’m getting back on track! We went to Saint John for the day on Saturday and the change of scenery was refreshing. I even managed to get inspired in Winners to start a new piece, though I’m not entirely sure how to go about it. First, though…

Owl of Life

I felt like it was finished after I’d blocked in all the color yesterday afternoon, but now I’m feeling like it’s missing something. I’m thinking of darkening some of the shadows on the owl to make him stand out more. I took a really different direction with Athena; at first I wanted to color her like a gypsy tattoo but as I got further into coloring the owl, I realized that too much additional colors could be overwhelming. So, instead of using skin tones and bright blush/lipstick I kept the flowers colored and made her into a statue. I’m very happy with the way she turned out and I’m glad I made that last minute coloring decision (besides, it would’ve been a bit awkward having a live woman with flowers in her eyes, right?). With all the bright colors in front I chose to keep the sky calm and light, though I may go back in with a few greys to give it some depth. What do you all think?

A few weeks ago I went to Michael’s to pick up a few frames:

Male Foo Dog, framed

Female Foo Dog, framed

After looking at these for the first time in months, I wasn’t sure they were good enough to be framed, but they seem to look pretty spiffy. For the time being, I’d like to hang them by the front door (inside, of course) since that’s where they’re meant to stand guard. Seeing my work framed always gives me a little ego boost. πŸ™‚

Now, regarding that new idea I had. I spotted a large collage-type print at Winner’s featuring one of my favorite decor trends, the Union Jack. I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate it in my current decor but haven’t had any luck until now. It would be simpler if it was part of some kind of collage and hanging on the wall. I can’t find an image to show you what I was looking at, but it was a combination of the colors in the Union Jack plus some gritty textures and a set of lips, perhaps a Rolling Stones reference. It got me to thinking about why the Union Jack is cool to me; I dig Brit Rock (Def Leppard was my soundtrack in high school, no shame!), BBC and UK culture. I would like to put together a similar collage using the Union Jack’s colors, possibly even the flag itself and a bunch of brit rock memorabilia. It would be a blast researching the bands I’m into now, discovering new ones and looking into the culture further. The question becomes, what medium do I paint on? I have a few smaller square canvases, a bunch of primed masonite boards and a huuuuuuge canvas that was meant for something ~epic~. Hmm…

Whoa. Okay. I just got another idea writing up this post. Instead of limiting myself to british rock bands, I could expand to include all the things I love about the UK (tea, fashion… and an embarrassing amount of TV-related stuff like Top Gear, Doctor Who, James Bond, etc etc). If I were to include references to all of those things, using the bigger canvas would make more sense. One of my friends has this wicked coffee table that has a bunch of rock legends’ heads painted on top of it. Hanging something like that in the living room would be a super cool conversational piece. Am I up to the challenge? HELL YEAH!

At the moment my abstract painting seems to be mocking me a bit. I’m not really sure where to take it from where it is and may just give up and hang it. Maybe I should put it away and look at it fresh in a few weeks, and make a final decision then.

I’ll round out this post with a recommendation to check out Big Wreck’s new album (remember That Song? “So I always get nostalgic with that song… but in my room it’s forced”): 30 second clips tracks from Albatross. I bought this on a whim Saturday afternoon and have been listening to it non-stop ever since. It’s a rock album classified as “neo prog” which just means they’re not afraid of using lots of different instruments. It’s a rocky bluesy mix all rolled into one aurally immersive experience and so easy to sink your teeth into. It’s solid enough that I find myself listening to it all the way through. Ian Thornley’s raw vocals are top-notch and his education at Berkley has given his guitar melodies a rich diversity, without the music being pretentious. So, if you’re looking for some new tunes different than what you’ve been hearing from the Top 40, definitely give this album a spin.

One response to “Progress 12-03-12

  1. Glad you’re enjoying Big Wreck’s album, Albatross. In the spirit of passing along accurate information, Ian Thornley attended Berklee’s College of Music in Boston, not to be confused with UC Berkeley.

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