Fashion Inspiration 21-03-12

I haven’t had a chance to start anything new since I finished the Cherry Blossom abstract piece on Sunday, so here’s some fashion that’s caught my eye recently.

Dark Beauty, via A White Carousel

There are several aspects to this look I really like: the lacey patterns, the transparent layers of fabric, the dramatic makeup and the voluminous hair. I immediately thought of painting this girl when I saw her; there’s a great balance of patterns and textures. The sequins are carefully placed to avoid being too flashy, and instead give the look an elegant edge.

via Melanie Castillo on Pinterest

The black and white palette works really well to unify this composition which might be a bit busy otherwise. The combination of different textures, fur, leather and shine, are an aspect of fashion I really enjoy. The graffitti on the wall and the snow on the ground, with imprints of feet, helps to define the model.

Vogue Japan, via Tom & Lorenzo

This page is out of Vogue Japan. In contrast to the previous image, I like how busy this one is. It captures a sort of energy and is exciting and flashy. I like the main model’s long sleek hair against the gold detailing on her dress. It’s like she’s from the future, visiting present-day Japan. Go check out the other photos from this shoot, they’re gorgeous too!

Lilybrush evening dress

Green and pink, perfect colors for spring! The fabric in this dress looks so luxurious, flowing and rich. I love the tie in the middle and crown of blossoms in her hair. Again, this is something I’d love to paint. The creases give the dress a lot of depth and character, I could have a lot of fun with that.