Industrial Chic

Industrial spaces are popping up all over as cool new places to rest your head. Huge studios, loft apartments and old factories certainly have lots of space available for living in, but is it possible to make that cold sterile aesthetic into something warmer and friendly? Absolutely! In fact, having the hard edges and coolness of industrial contrast with softer, lighter decor makes for very interesting spaces.

via Apartment Therapy

Graffitti in the Living Room

This apartment was designed and decorated completely with vintage, upcycled and used furniture and items. For example, the table above was upholstered with an old coffee bean sack which I can only imagine smells lovely. The huge canvas behind the couch brings graffiti and street into the home, giving a super-modern feel. Color-blocking is used subtely here so to not overwhelm the room and take away from the little details, such as the various prints scattered throughout. Very livable and super chic, I would love for my home to look like this.

via Apartment Therapy

Prints in the Dining Room

This dining room belongs to the same home as the living room above it; the love of prints continues through the home onto the dining room wall, mimicking a brick wall from the city, making an excellent conversational piece that brings energy to the room. I see myself having my morning coffee in here, perhaps because of the cute collection of coffee cups on display. The draped chairs look even more elegant against the harsh industrial stained table.

via Design Sponge

Simple Industrial Dining

Here’s another dining area, this one a bit more simple. Having the one piece of art on the white wall helps it to make a statement. The beam/support above the table with the hanging chromes lights is very industrial but warm at the same time; the orange lights are a nice touch. To soften some of the hard edges and darkness in the room, mint chairs decorate the table, with the antler center piece giving a touch of nature to the area.

via Apartment Therapy

Hints of Industrial in the Bedroom

Perhaps this room is less industrial by design, and more accented with industrial pieces. The lamp hanging by the chain, the couch frame around the bed and the curtain rods act as a base for the bright colors of this room to jump from. The striped rug gives the illusion of more space, as does the chair in the corner on the fuzzy rug. White, pink and yellow make for a really warm and happy environment.

via the Decorista

Spacious Comfy Industrial Loft

Grey walls and dark dividers could make for a very intimidating space. Having a fluffy creamy carpet will fix that! Normally dark walls would make a space feel smaller, but since this loft is so large that’s not a worry. Thanks to the huge windows in this loft and the array of colorful throw pillows, this space is less menacing and more chic. Mirrors and art on the walls help soften the space as well. It feels very artsy and hip, somewhere you could house an art or photography studio and have gallery parties at as well.

If the opportunity comes along for a cheap industrial space and you’re worried about it being too cold and hard to decorate, don’t despair! With enough light and color almost any space can be made more welcoming.