Restless Spring Rain

Over the long weekend I finished my Guidance Owl illustration and began on the Death Owl:

Death Owl, progress by Jess Lingley

Death Owl, progress by Jess Lingley

The sky was a lot of fun, I kind of channeled a little Van Gough with it. Streaks of color blended together give a lovely effect, even if it’s not totally realistic. The lighting in this piece is going to be another challenge, since I don’t color with evening palettes very often. I haven’t been able to find any solid references for this kind of color online, so I’m winging it and having a lot of fun.

The more I color in, the more the finished product starts to come together in my mind. Frequently I find things that I’ve missed while inking, and come up with ways to make several parts in the piece work together. I’m trying to blend the colors in this really well, using some of the techniques I posted in the COPIC time-lapse videos I posted earlier in the week.

With spring, I start to come out of “hibernation mode” and feel incredibly ambitious. The snow melts away and grass peaks through the brown; everything feels new and fresh. As it warms up and the rain begins, it washes away all the grime and dirt that the winter left behind, cleaning the slate for things to come in the summer. Tim’s exams are almost done and all of my projects this year have been self-directed. On top of that, I haven’t done any classes, not that I’ve been able to find any that have honestly interested me. It’s not that I’m losing the flame for art: quite the opposite, actually. I’m feeling pretty restless and eager to embark on something totally new and exciting.

Out the Window by Tim Lingley

Out the Window by Tim Lingley

I’ve been scheming away on some pretty big changes that I can’t quite announce yet (groooooooooan) but in the meantime, after Tim has finished his last exam, we’re going on a road trip! It’s an ambitious two-week drive down through New Hampshire, Boston, New York and back up through Niagara Falls, with a quick stop in Ottawa and then onto Montreal and Quebec before heading back home. I’ve only been to Ottawa and am so looking forward to the change of scenery! Walking around in an unfamiliar place, eating interesting local cuisine, seeing the sun set and rise over a different horizon… all of these things are exactly what I need to quench this thirst of mine! I’ve almost finished booking accommodations and then it’s on to figuring out what to do in the little time we have at each stop. You can bet I’m going to visit as many galleries and local craft shops as possible.

photo by Tim Lingley

photo by Tim Lingley

I have all these romantic visions of sipping espresso and water-coloring painting in New York City… so exciting! I also can’t wait to check out what the art shops have to offer compared to what’s available here… I don’t know what internet is going to be like during the trip so I’m planning to stock-pile some posts, so this blog doesn’t get too dusty while I’m gone. With any luck I’ll be able to post some interesting tidbits from the road, too. I’ll be out the last week of April and the first week of May, but until then, it’s business as usual.

For anyone who’s been to these places before: can you recommend anything? Restaurants, good look-out spots, galleries or anything else of interest?


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