Big Canvas is now unwrapped!

Thanks to last Friday’s post, I was finally able to settle on an idea for the large canvas (24″ x 36″) that’s been sitting in my room since the beginning of the year. Behold the power of a productive weekend!

Fashion Study, in progress by Jess Lingley

Fashion Study, in progress by Jess Lingley

Out of all the beautiful shots from this W Korea photoshoot, after much consideration I decided on this image because it contained just the right amount of elements to challenge me. I could’ve played it safe by sticking to a portrait shot, but I can’t remember the last time I painted/drew something with multiple human subjects so I figured it was time to give it a try. Given how much I’m blowing this up I thought it’d be wise to grid things out to keep the proportions correct. Normally I’m on the fence about gridding (I’d rather challenge myself to measure correctly with my own eyes) but in this case, it was necessary.

Saturday afternoon and evening were spent laying out the grid and pencilling as much in as I could. Sunday afternoon, I dove in with a mix of blues for the underpainting! The fabrics in the original have a sort of bluish undertone and I’ve been wanting to try underpainting with colors other than Burnt Sienna, so this was the perfect opporitunity to give it a go. I love painting with blue, it’s my favorite color. So far I’m happy with progress but I’m a little concerned that my pencil lines are too dark. Eep.

In between layers of paint, I continued on with night/death owl:

Death Owl, in progress by Jess Lingley

Death Owl, in progress by Jess Lingley

Using a darker palette has been interesting. I’m trying to get the clock out of the way so I can focus on blocking in the horizon, trees and then look at filling in the skulls. I’m not really sure what colors I’m going to use for them quite yet, or how I’m going to light them.

Hopefully my week can be as productive as the weekend was! I got so much cleaning done and even got in some baking. Working in a clean space is important to me. Otherwise, I get distracted by things that need to be put away. A space that is clean is so much more relaxing and serene. Spring cleaning, indeed!


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