Local Graffiti

Saturday provided some beautiful weather to finish out the rainy week, and thanks to Tim having a photo shoot outside, I was able to enjoy it with some people I haven’t seen since high school! Originally I hadn’t planned on going with him, but he asked if I’d be able to provide an extra set of hands and since I was having such a good time catching up, I went for it. Being such a nice day I could hardly say no.

I’ve been to the water towers by Odell park before. We’d even taken photos of ourselves with an older camera a few years ago. However, the graffiti on the towers has changed a lot, for the better! It looks like they haven’t cleaned any of it off and simply added to it instead.

Graffiti on Water Tower 01

Graffiti on Water Tower

Graffiti on Water Tower 02

More Graffiti on Water Tower

I find the lettering/font of graffiti fascinating. Meaning, the works that have obviously taken time, not just swear words scribbled on the inside of tunnels. It’s like another language the way the letters twist and flow into each other. I’ve wondered how one learns to create something like this. It takes a great deal of thought and planning to figure out what to write, how to write it and then how to shade it or make it pop! To be able to get such clear outlines and clean shapes takes a lot of skill with a spray can. I haven’t really had a lot of experience with it, but look forward to experimenting with the copic air can set I bought on vacation (on marker paper of course).

Graffiti on Water Tower 03

Not sure what this one says, but I love the colors!

Graffiti on Water Tower 04


I’m so glad that the city hasn’t wiped this stuff away; it’s very beautiful and doesn’t take away from the trail at all. I like that these two atmospheres coexist. It makes me a little proud of our town. During the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival last year, they provided a wall in the heart of downtown and encouraged artists to use it, even providing lighting for it at night. It’s so nice to see them embracing this kind of art!

Graffiti on Water Tower 05

Wide shot of one tower.

Graffiti on Water Tower 06

Another wide shot, lots of characters in this one!

Surprisingly, we didn’t see a lot of art during our travels, even in bigger cities (with Montreal being the exception). I was a bit disappointed as seeing graffiti in the city is always exciting. Seeing those bold colors against the stark grey makes the city more alive and brings a more organic element to it. I enjoyed coming home and finding this. Perhaps this art style is intriguing to me because it can be so similar to tattoo art, with bright colors and thick bold lines. The texture of the stone only adds to them.

Graffiti on Water Tower 07

Curious Octopus

My current oil painting is taking longer to dry between layers than I anticipated so I’d like to get another project on the go… though I’m not really sure what to do. I’ve been considering another watercolor piece since I haven’t done one in awhile. Tim has lots of pretty flower photos for me to choose from, so I should get started on it pretty soon. Happy Victoria day, everyone!


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