Satin and Tennis Balls

Starting off the week with some real progress! I did an awesome afternoon stint of painting on Saturday after whittling away on this piece an hour or so a day for the prior week.

Models painting, in progress by Jess Lingley

Models painting, in progress by Jess Lingley

The ladies are are really starting to take shape! The skin looks pretty bad as I’ve only done one pass with color so far, but the dresses are looking better all the time. I’m especially pleased with the middle girl’s dress as it actually resembles a satin material (though it’s hard to tell from this cell phone photo, apologies). Painting shadows using complementary colors really helps make them pop, gives them depth. I fixed her shoe as well so the heel actually matches the toe. Once this dries, I’ll be going over the blue cloth parts some more with darker, richer hues and adding lighter hues to the pink at the bottom. I’ll also bring in some lighter skin tones on the girls and work on skin shadows/highlights. The eyes are really bugging me, but I don’t dare touch them until I’m happy with the skin, lest they become painted over.

Watercolor Fun

Watercolor Fun

Pop Art ideas

Pop Art ideas

After visiting the pop art exhibit downtown I decided to get a move-on towards a pop art piece of my own! I saw another painting, possibly during the road trip, that was a normal object made interesting through use of geometry and color. I’d like to combine these two ideas by painting a tennis ball in lots of psychedelic colors! My first thought would be to use acrylic since it dries quickly and easily provides thick bright pigments, but to make it more of a challenge, I’m going to do it with watercolors.

As you can see above, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble getting nice bright hues from them. This also gave me a chance to break out the water brushes I purchased on my trip. They require a light touch, but I like them a lot. They let you paint a larger area without having to dip your brush in water again and again, allowing for seamless blending. I’m still trying to iron out which color combinations I want to use, but I’m almost there. Then it’s onto a light but detailed graphite pencil drawing.

possible idea for wood panel

possible idea for wood panel

Yesterday morning I was struck with an idea for an original painting, so I sketched it out before I forgot it. This is a really rough drawing but I’m pleased with the composition and think it would be suitable for the wood panel I bought to paint on. I’ll need to do a more detailed drawing first though, especially where there are flowers and nature involved that I can’t just make up. Rather than drawing right on the wood and possibly dent it, I’d like to figure out how to transfer a graphite drawing on. I’ve heard it can be done with tracing paper…

So, three projects for me to work on! No excuse for slacking off now!


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