Light Relaxing Spaces

As of late I’ve been under a lot of stress. One of the things I like to do when I’m freaking out is tidy up and deep clean the apartment. When I organize my space, in a way I am organizing my life and bringing back harmony. If I’m able to sit down in a nice tidy room, well, then at least I have that.

I think it’s a good idea to have at least one room in a house or apartment that is neutral or light in color, something to cleanse the palette and mind with. In a place like an art gallery, this kind of thing as well as spacing between works is crucial. If everything is too close together it becomes chaotic, too much to take in. In a home, it can be as simple as having a neutral or white styled room that isn’t overloaded with accent colors or trinkets. It can be done without being boring! It’s as good of an excuse as any to purge yourself of unwanted junk as well.

Evelyn Lee's Sustainable Starter Apartment (via Apartment Therapy)

Evelyn Lee’s Sustainable Starter Apartment (via Apartment Therapy)

This open concept kitchen and living room area gets a beautiful amount of natural light, opening it up to many color choices. To keep the space calm, they’ve put a minimal amount of art on the walls and restricted their color choices. This helps bring harmony to the space and keeps it chic enough for an entertaining space, or a relaxing one.

Fashionable Living Room (via the Decorista)

Fashionable Living Room (via the Decorista)

This living room is a bit chic for sure, but if you were to remove the stripey cushions and carpets (much to my dismay as I think they’re fabulous) the room would be a bit more calming. The lavender walls along with the lighter curtains open up the room, and the palette colors for the lamps and furniture keep it cheerful. If you were going for a more “chill” vibe in this particular space, simply replace the black in the stripes with a grey or lighter neutral color, keeping all the colors light and airy.

Light Living Room with Fireplace (via 12 Stone Hollowway)

Light Living Room with Fireplace (via 12 Stone Hollowway)

This beautiful stone fireplace provides a great central piece to this living room. The entire space could be designed by its natural color palette. Keeping the furniture white and using lightly-hued accents brings this room to life. There’s little more relaxing than putting your feet up in front of a roaring fire, especially on the colder gloomier days.

Palettes in the Dining Room (via Apartment Therapy)

Palettes in the Dining Room (via Apartment Therapy)

Pale, palette-y colors don’t have to be boring. In fashion they can be, unless they have an obvious purpose or are heavily stylized. It’s much of the same in interior design; the couch above is very sleek and modern, giving the room a nice fresh look. If it were an older style with faded fabric, it’d be more boring and drab. Flowers bring a small amount of color safely to almost any room, and having greenery and wood will help ground it if you feel it’s too white/light-colored.

I think I need to look at bring some more light colors into my own apartment. It doesn’t get a lot of light, so perhaps I should look at some fun lighting solutions. In addition, though we’ve painted the walls in our living room and hallway bright greece-inspired colors, it may be time to dig out the primer and bring it back to the basics.


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